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Lee at  Evision
Assistive Technology Inc. www.evisiontech.ca
(Providing assistive, hi-tech devices & training to persons w/ visual & physical disability)

Lee at Philippine Headline News Online (PHNO)
(Serving OFWs , since 1997, with free daily delivery Philippine headline news by email)

Lee at her CyberHometown www.paete.org 
(Paete, Laguna, Philippines is Lee's hometown)


Lee at eVision Assistive Technology Inc.  55 Town Center Court, Suite 700, Scarborough Town Center, Scaroboro, ON M1P 4X4 Tel. 416-465-4115 Fax 16-465-9115 www.evisiontech.ca

eVisionTech staff
From left: Lani Cuevas at
product/serviceconsultant; Lenlen at info@evisiontech.ca;
Mark at
evisiondirector; Mario at seniorsupport; Cyril at support@evisiontech.ca;
Rose at
reception@evisiontech.ca; Cynthia at adminevision [Not in photo: Alfredo
support@evisiontech.ca and Minerva at beancounter@evisiontech.ca

eVision in a Live DEMO event at CNIB : with techsupport staff, smiley-face Cyril

Lee's Students
"Many of my students are visually and hearing impaired; I teach them basic computer and the Internet. As they now use their new computers, Office programs, E-mail, Chat, TM and Facebook, the blind thank me for being able to ‘see’ and the hearing and speech impaired say how wonderful it is to be ‘talking’ and ‘hearing’ even if it is with a machine.
Helen Keller said: "One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar!"

Notes & Photos of Lee's students who agreed to be part of this Web page:

Dennis is visually impaired because of acute diabetes. This 40-year-old professional uses ZoomText 9.0 (Magnifier & Reader); Kurzweil 1000 (Scanner & Reader). He likes surfing the Web, burning MP3s and DVD movies. He connects regularly with CNIB for visual needs, training in Braille technology, as well as with Ontario govt social services for disability assistance via his new PC.
My star student Theresa, visually impaired & physically challenged, in wheelchair since birth. Theresa is very bright, very involved with life, very at at peace with herself, independent & enjoys  everyday life with doting husband Peter of 7 years. Theresa does word pro, desktop publishing and is venturing to open her own home small business. She uses her Microsoft Office programs on her her Vista desktop.Mommy Monfero, 83 years old,
diabetic, totally blind in one eye,
20% vision left in other eye learned
quickly using her MS Word to type
her 'personal journal'; uses Excel
for her financial tasks. ZoomText
reads her emails for her & Kurzweil
1000 scans & reads her postal mail,
newsletters, church bulletin and
prayer books.  Jaw software of her
Ping with his new Windows Vista desktop & ZoomText magnifier
Ping was a Criminal Law professor in RP. He is now retired here in Toronto and uses his PC lay-outing and editing manuscripts. He authors training books on Philippine Criminology. He burns final copies of his work on CD/DVDs on his Vista desktop and are delivered to the National Book Store in Manila, Philippines where they are published & sold as training books. He uses ZoomText, Kurzweil, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher or his work. Ping suffers advanced stage of macular degeneration. Ping uses PC desktop Windows Vista Professional.Here is Pamela. Pam is an advanced
Windows user. She has a Vista desktop and she enjoys social networking on the 'Net everyday on Facebook, Hi5 & Multiply. Pam is visually impaired and physically challenged. She uses Zoom Text & Kurzweil. She enjoys sharing photo albums on her network of friends and helps beginners around her get used to the computer. Pam teaches ZoomText & Kurzweil to residents in her apartment building. Pam maneuvers well in her motorized wheelchair.
Mommy Monfero checks large-print
hard copy of an enlarged Word document
she printed. She is totally a keyboard
hotkeys user. She was an accountant in
the Philippines and today has a fantastic
memory & marked concentration power.
She enjoys opening photo albums videos
that her grandchildren uploads on her PC
and listens to the videos her family esp
her grandchildren uploads to her PC.

eVision photogallery

 Left: Mark & Lee at the Launching of the eVision Training Certification Programme;  Right: Lenlen at  E-Vision's 1st Christmas get-together in 2005 at the first office location on Bloor Street, East downtown Toronto.                                                            

Dee & Olive - good early days

Lani:ask her anything, everything. she has answers

Rose - a breath of fresh air

Cynthia, solid as her smile

Minerva, the serious bean counter

the geeks: Alfredo & Mario

Lee's Personal Page on the Web at PHNO:
Welcome to Philippine Headline News Online

Lee's bio: Born in Paete, Laguna, Lee left the peak of her nursing career in 1988 at the University of Toronto and began her 2-year studies in Computer Science. In 1992, an economic recession in Toronto deterred Lee to find a computer job. She, then opted to be full-time caregiver of her autistic baby nephew (Ron Michael who provides music background for this page) and on free times, continued to pursue upgrades and ongoing developments in Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Server 2000, Microsoft System Essentials and Web2 technology (circa 2002-2008). Sample of web design:www.ronadea.com

Going back in history, in 1993, she founded the Filipino Community Computing Sector (FCCS) which laid the foundation of a free Information Technology service in e-mail and text based (DOS interface) Web sites to the Filipino community of Metropolitan Toronto in Ontario, Canada. FCCS integrated actively with the Toronto Free-Net - the first e-mail and bulletin board (free) services for all Torontonians which was launched at the Ryerson University, Library, downtown Toronto.

Internet MiniSeminar to Fil-Canadian community

[Photo at left - The first free FCCS Internet Seminar for the Filipino-Canadian Community in Mississauga held at the city Town Hall]

[Photo below at right - The FCCS group with CFO Deputy Commissioner Cathy Paredes having dinner at Village By The Grange. During Ms. Paredes' visit to Toronto, Lee took her online at her Wellesley Ave apt. desktop PC surfing on the FCCS homepage already online at Toronto FreeNet, then accompanied her to visit the old and only existing Filipino Community Center at that time, the Silayan Community Centre on Parliament St.)

FCCS provided free public service Mini-Internet DFA Executive Cathy Paredes visit Toronto Fil community
seminars requested by the Filipino-Canadian community of Toronto. The first one was held at the Mississauga Town Hall and another at the Markham Federation of Filipino-Canadians in Scarborough.

In 1995, FCCS served as leader of global communications for the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) at the Dept of Foreign Affairs until the appearance of  the dotcom websites (WWW) on the Internet.

In 1995-97, Lee helped pioneered Internet e-mail and websites in the Filipino-Canadian community of Toronto via the newly launched Toronto Free-Net. FCCS was the very first Filipino Information page on the text-based Internet, residing online at the Toronto FreeNet.

The FCCS DOS-based 'homepage' was accessed via telnet (only applicable for Windows 98 users now) at telnet torfree.net. Logon at TFN as "guest" without the quotes and in smallcase. No password required. At the "Your Choice==>" prompt type"go fccs" without the quotes. This opens the virtual door to the 'Tahanan ng Pinoy sa Cyberspace' housing the businesses and various organizations of the Filipino Community in Canada.

Today, FCCS is transformed into the Philippine Headline News Online (PHNO). It started operation in December 1997, a few days after Lee met PHNO's chief editor, veteran journalist Mrs. Sol Jose-Vanzi (click Sol's Link for professional bio). The PHNO website was originally created by Lee's Internet mentor, his nephew, Rey Q. Carolino and has been maintained and developed by Lee every day since the news service launched in 1997. The PHNO newsgroup at "yahoogroups.com" have been serving a limited maximum of 1 thousand subscribers via a click on the Free News-by-Email button at the PHNO homepage. PHNO site itself records 9,440,609 hits (a monthly report from PHNO Webalizer, increasing markedly during the country's elections and typhoons & disasters periods)

PHNO, c/o Sol Jose Vanzi, was granted copyrights by Philippine Star (Philstar.com) courtesy of the late Max V. Soliven (Publisher). PHNO has been a daily PhilStar online user for the past 11 years.

Professionally, for the past 11 years, Lee has been doing contract work as a Certified Computer Trainor to the visually & hearing impaired and physically challenged. She is an associate of the eVision Assistive Technology Inc, an authorized vendor of high-tech Assistive Devices for the Ministry of Health of Ontario. In 2006 Lee launched her WebDesign&WebDevelopment career, focusing on non-profit orgs and small businesses. Lee's blog is at http://leeqcanada.spaces.live.com/ - Requires a hotmail or Windows Live login; She is on Facebook. Lee is not tweeting!

Welcome to my hometown, Paete, Laguna, Philippines
PHNO's sister web site:

"Paetenians Home on the Net"

The town of Paete, Laguna is 15-minute drive to Pagsanjan Falls & 45 minutes to and from Manila
(without traffic! :-) otherwise takes almost 2 to 3 hours or more in real time)

Paete, is the place to be: (Photo at left - Sunset at Paete 'Wawa'(Lakeside) Park) "Between a shimmering lake and a mountain range, there lies Paete--- so serene,
so steeped in excellence it seems like a town encountered only in myth." by Mona Highley. From the book 'Paete' by Eugenio C. Quesada.

Paete is the Woodcarving Capital of the Philippines & the town of sweet Lanzones.

The Paete website, created by Internet guru, Rey Q. Carolino at www.paete.org instantly gathered hundreds of Paetenians all over the world. Paetenians International, Inc. began a project to computerize the Paete Elementary Schools for "Batang Paete" (school children of Paete).

In 2001 the "AlayComputer" project was launched by the many Paetenians International chapters all over the world, as a lifetime project under the PAETECH Foundation's flagship implemented by a group led by then, former mayor (and present mayor) Hon. Emmanuel Cadayona.

The 3 elementary schools of Paete, Laguna are:
The Paete Elementary School (Central) at town proper
The Quinale Elementary School (Southeast of town proper at Barangay 4) and the The Ibaba Elementary School  (between the Public Market and National Highway)


Photo below is one of Lee's volunteer missions in Paete, when she provided training sessions to  the Paete Elementary Schools teachers, parents and the business community, the basics of the desktop PC and the Internet Multimedia on the World Wide Web. 

The AlayComputer project development progression, by date:

Barely 2 years after AlayComputer project began, on January, 2003, the 3 elementary schools in the small town of Paete are now using  their computer classrooms, where the pupils (from Grade 4 to 6), teachers and parents enjoy the high-speed DSL (Digetel) Internet connection. Alay Computer's ultimate goal is Internet classrooms for 'BatangPaete' to be incorporated with the public school's computer curriculum.

On August 1, 2005, the e-Mentoring program of Oracle.com was successfully implemented in the 3 elementary school buildings. Most enthusiastic and devoted sponsor, a Paetenian chemistry professor, Dr. Angel de Dios of Georgetown University, Washington, DC, recently volunteered 3 weeks of his summer vacation, training and working with the teachers, pupils, parents and municipal officials in the implementation of the Oracle think.com program and the Internet/WWW technologies. See detailed news at the BatangPaete forum at the Paete Website.

On December 20, 2005,
Paete Elementary School teachers and pupils are now in touch online with Paetenians abroad (around 400 accounted for) via the very busy Usap Paete forum and Mailing List or Listgroup. Dr. De Dios' Internet Resources Science lessons in the forum are actively used by the teachers and other online science readers on the Paete Website.

A first public national high school in Paete to be called the
"Poten & Eliseo Quesada Memorial National High School" (PEQMNHS)

In January 2006The very beginnings of the first national high school to be situated in the town of Paete was launched after 2 Paetenians sisters (Menchee Q. Fulgado & Norie Q. Catiis donated their inherited piece of real estate in honour of their parents, whereupon a building is now standing and finishing constructions. At this time the nearest public high school where Batang Paete would go is next town of San Juan, Laguna National High School, about a kilometer away from Paete.

By now Paetenians International members have immediately  extended the AlayComputer project to the new and very first public high school in Paete, Laguna. A big percentage of Batang Paete are from poor families. Where the public high school is tuition-fee-free, families without money still cannot send a child to high school because of required entrance and maintenance school fees.

Thereupon, another Paetenian, Mrs. Saida Cagandahan-Dulay started the $20-Club Scholarship project for outstanding students in the high school. The Club member will sponsor yearly, for a $20 donation to one 'scholar' to start first year high school, and further on. Donations of $20 is renewed yearly. To date the club is sponsoring 300 to 400 scholars every school year.

While the new high school building is being constructed, the first group of First Year class were already holding their classes at the un-used Upper 'Palengke' (public market) building. The students started calling it U.P. (as in the 'dream' educational institution called the University of the Philippines (UP)) and like the Paete General hospital they call PGH :) as in the famous Philippine General Hospital in the capital city of Manila). This sample of fancy (almost wishful) comments are typical of a Paetenian dialect in light conversations among each other called 'sistihan', meaning general and social conversation.

Below is the first National High School (PEQMNHS) of Paete, Laguna located at the National Highway in Ibaba (lakeside) by the Wawa Park. Left to Right: Pioneer students Assembly, middle, the PEATECH FOUNDATION fo the Alay Computer volunteers second from left is Raul Roque, Paetech president with the QES Principal, Maam Warlita Afuang on his right, 3rd from left Lee Quesada, to her right is the Quinale Elementary School Math & Technology teacher. The last photo on the right are students going home to the town proper after school

February 15, 2007:  To date, in Paete, all 3 elementary schools, the first public high school which is still officially a branch of the San Juan, Laguna Elementary School (pending Dep of Ed accreditation as Paete's first public high school to be named Poten & Eliseo Quesada Memorial National High School (PEQMNHS) and the town municipal building are now on Internet wireless network through assistance from the CISCO team. The network is  maintained by the AlayComputer (BatangPaete) project so ably led by Dr. De Dios who is based at Georgetown U in Washington, DC.

The PEQMNHS website is at http://peqmnhs.tripod.com/ being constructed by Senior students of the high school led by Rene James (Ar-jhay) Balandra (creator, webmaste

April 2007: A Milestone realized! The 'Poten & Eliseo Quesada Memorial National High School' (PEQMNHS) has been duly accorded its independence and is no longer a branch of the San Juan Elementary School, by the DepEd. The first graduates, the Class of 2007, will receive their diplomas under the banner of  PEQMNHS. Thanks to our Mayor Emmanuel Cadayona's thoughtful action on this matter. And by the way our high school webmaster, Ar-Jhay Balandra is the first class valedictorian.

January 2, 2011: Lee has not been back to Paete since 2005. The Paetenians International Inc. (PI) has plans of holding the next PI Summit Get-together in 2012. The last Summit was held on the Paetenian Alaska Cruise 2010. http://paete.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10594.

Saida's $20-Club Scholarship is sponsoring a growing number, now over 200 students from indigent families of Paete to enter high school and continue on until graduation. Through the PaeteMailing List at yahoogroups Paetenians all over the world are just eager to send in their $20, many give more to help the club scholars finished high school. Saida who is based in Manila coordinates with the Science teacher of PEQMNHS, Maam Imelda Basa Avino.

The sisters, Menchee and Norie, the donors of the high school lot visit the hometown every year in June to attend the High School Foundation Day celebrations honouring their parents, Paetenians Eliseo and Poten Quesada.

Beloved Paetenian couple, Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Cia (Afurong) Altamero, come  home every year to attend to their voluntary project for the high school students in the mathematics department through their innovative Math puzzles, challenges & contests held at the town plaza.

Lee's current interests are:


The Internet and the rise of Artificial Intelligence

The Study of Software at Stanford University

Roland VS-2480 DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration:


Beatle's Let It Be Piano:

Beatle's Let It Be Guitar:


Abba Dancing Queen@Roland -28:
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