Sol Jose Vanzi started her journalism career even while in college in 1963 as art critic of Don Chino Roces' WOMEN'S MAGAZINE, men's fashion writer for Daily Mirror, feature writer for the Saturday Mirror Magazine.

After getting wounded while covering the local elections in Ilocos Sur, she left print journalism for television, joining pioneer broadcast journalist Marita Manuel at Channel 5, moving to ABS-CBN later. She covered Malacanang as ABS-CBN Presidential reporter, while at the same time writing and producing a daily TV newscast.

The Proclamation of Martial Law in 1972 found her working at Malacanang as Broadcast Censor, a job she left to become Information Officer for the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and spokesman for CCP President, business mogul Fred Elizalde.

Ted Koppel and Ken Kashiwahara finally convinced her in 1975 to cover the Philippines for ABC NEWS. She headed the Manila Bureau until 1986, when her independent TV production outfit STRINGER, INC. was representing 17 international TV News organizations covering the presidential snap elections. Her company provided cameras, crew, reporters, coordinated coverages and satellite transmissions around the world for the Ninoy assasination, the Agrava Commission hearings, 1986 Snap Election campaign, the EDSA uprising, and the numerous coups that followed.

In November 1991, she was the person behind the scenes of one of the biggest international news events of the year: Imelda Marcos' return to the Philippines from exile in the United States. More than a hundred journalists from 40 countries boarded a 747 Evergreen chartered plane in New York to accompany and cover the tearful homecoming of the widow of President Ferdinand Marcos.

While in self-proclaimed retirement, Sol wrote food, travel and human interest columns for the Manila daily newspaper TODAY, the weekly MIRROR Magazine, the inflight publication of Cebu Pacific, LIFESTYLE ASIA, and now the Philippine Headline News Online (PHNO).  Recently Sol has resumed working as a foreign correspondent, doing reporting and research work for the Los Angeles Times, Voice of America, The Australian and Finland and Australian TV networks.  She's also been commissioned to produce several episodes for the History Channel. She has covered six Philippine presidents from Diosdado Macapagal to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Considered a professional chef by the Philippine food industry, Sol developed original recipes and executed the very successful print and Internet DISCOVER COOKING campaign of the banana catsup company UFC. She's held cooking demos all over the Philippines and at several Bloomingdale's stores in the US East Coast.

She's married to American journalist Vic Vanzi, former UPI deputy news editor for Asia and first Manila Bureau Chief of CNN. They live in Manila in blissful semi-retirement, enjoying weekend visits from their five adopted children and seven grandchildren, while raising their first grandson Kyle, a budding scientist.(Updated October 2004)>